Gabriela Rosa has dedicated her life to public service for over a decade. She began in the New York State Legislature in the year 2000 working as a legislative assistant to State Assemblyman Herman D. Farrell, Jr. Already familiar with the struggles of immigrant working families she found personal satisfaction and the fulfillment of public service in her work assisting constituents in the neighborhoods of Inwood, Washington Heights and Harlem. As a working parent, she juggled the demands of her career with her calling to serve as a volunteer in the after school program at PS/IS 18 all the while being the best mother she could be.


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In 2002 Gabriela accepted a position as Chief of Staff to the City Councilmember representing Washington Heights, Inwood and Marble Hill in the 9th Councilmanic District. In three years of service Gabriela oversaw the district office and led a staff that provided quality constituent services to the residents of the district. Her service during that time gave her a deeper understanding of the issues affecting the colorful patchwork of neighborhoods in Washington Heights, Inwood and Marble Hill and drove Gabriela towards greater activism.

In 2004 Gabriela returned to the office of Assemblyman Farrell, this time as Senior Policy Advisor and Special Assistant. In that capacity she has been able to use her understanding of the issues affecting the lives of the residents of Northern Manhattan and her knowledge of the workings of the State legislature to help strike a balance that can best serve the needs of the district and the great State of New York.

Civic participation is a value that was instilled in Gabriela since she was very young in the Dominican Republic. She brought this passion for political activism to her neighborhood and has volunteered on countless voter registration drives. In addition to making a life in the United States and achieving the American Dream, Gabriela believes that a responsible citizen should participate in our great democracy. In 2005, Gabriela became a proud United States Citizen, allowing her to deepen her involvement in government and civics by running for office and opening the door for her to further improve the lives of her neighbors in Northern Manhattan.

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Gabriela came to New York City in 1994 and during her initial years, she worked in the retail industry. In 1998, she started working at the Trade Office of the Dominican Consulate in New York, working as a facilitator and liaison between businessmen in the city of New York and the Dominican Republic. She also organized Trade Fairs in both cities, with the sponsorship of the Department of Trade of the Dominican Republic, now known as Centro de Exportación e Inversión (CEI).

Gabriela is married and the proud mother of a very handsome 11 years old son. She still resides in Washington Heights.